Commercial / HOA

Planning Services for Property Managers, Tenants & Homeowners

Let Shine Time do the work to make your job easier. Detailed, personal, professional services and consulting, custom-tailored to meet your all of your community’s needs.

Complimentary RFR Consultation

Helping you plan and budget for future projects!

Periodic Maintenance

Scheduled, consistent curb-appeal

Multi-Service Discounts

Save time and money with multi-service bundles for cleaning and painting all surface types

Multi-Home Bulk Service Specials

Incentivize homeowners to proactively maintain their properties prior to violation

HOA & Community Management

  • In community settings, collaboration and communication are key.
  • We are committed to working with the management company, HOA, residents, and other stakeholders to ensure accurate scope of work, timeline, and pricing. Jobs like these take time to get right.
  • Shine Time will make sure your community gets the attention it deserves.

Commercial Property Management

  • Well-experienced in large-scale commercial jobs.
  • Manage everything from scope of work to communication to tenants in order to minimize the property manager’s workload.