Painting Services


Interior & Exterior Painting

1. Preparation

  • Interior - We ensure protection of your furniture by moving it away from the walls and covering it, along with the flooring with drop cloths. Any surface that will not be painted will be covered or masked off before the project. It is essential that the surface that will be painted is in ideal conditions prior to painting. Repair any holes or cracks in drywall, and caulk any cracks around baseboards, windows, or doors. Scrape away any loose paint and sand surfaces where necessary.
  • Exterior - A quality exterior paint job requires a clean surface. We power wash every exterior to remove loose paint, debris, and dirt to ensure a durable, lasting finish. Scrape and sand away any additional peeling paint. Caulk all cracks around windows, doors, and fascia, and identify any wood or other surfaces that needs to be repaired or replaced. Protect windows and trim that will not be painted with masking.

2. Painting

  • Our professional process of painting relies on our years of experience and high-quality products, applying even coats to effectively cover the surface area.

3. Clean up

  • All coverings and masking will be removed at the end of the job. No mess will be left behind, only a fresh new coat of paint.

4. Inspection

  • We conduct a final inspection of work, and then invite you to join us on a final walkthrough to address any questions or concerns, as well as ensure that we have exceeded your expectations.


  • Make your home look and feel NEW! Whether it be boosting your curb appeal with an exterior paint job, or an aesthetic facelift with an interior paint job, our experienced team of painters will instill a ‘wow-factor’ to your property.
  • Let us transform and revitalize your living space while you kick back and enjoy the splendor of your new beautiful, relaxing space.


  • Our mission is allow your business to stand out from the crowd with a professional image both inside and out, ensuring that you make the best impression on your clients and customers before they even reach the door.
  • We can cover any surface type of any size, using the right paint for the job to ensure your investment lasts. Our experienced team of painters can efficiently execute a job, minimizing our footprint on your daily operations.
  • From hospitality and retail to healthcare and offices, no matter the building or business type, we’ve got you covered.